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Meet & Greet
Initial Communication

1. Gain trust

In our collective twenty-year history of creating media, meeting with the client is important to discuss what the project is, in all of the technical terms involved in the project, however it's always best to take a few minutes to get to know each other. It's always easier doing business with somebody you're familiar with rather than a complete stranger, most of the time it seems to mechanical.

2. Our agenda

Once we have the warm and fuzzies with each other, the next thing is to get down to our agenda. While our conversation may be with a casual tone in the beginning we always use our agenda to make sure we cover everything you want to accomplish.

3. Questions

As a normal practice, we send you a form prior to our meeting that asks a lot of questions. While some of the questions on this form may not be necessary depending on your project we still would like to know as much as possible pertaining to the form. We take our past experiences and our history with our clients and try to make it as easy for you to express your requirements and desires by asking these questions. The more thorough you are, the better our communication.

4. Research

We research you from the start so we are well prepared in providing you with the best product or service. It is much better to create and communicate if we know where you've been and where you're headed. When we meet for the 1st time that won't be the 1st time that we thought about you!

5. Your competition

We don't just dig into your backyard we also look over the fence at your competition. By studying your competition, we can find out about industry standards, common issues, or new changes in the client's field. Being aware of your competitions' successes and issues can help us better navigate and avoid the same pitfalls.

6. Notes

You will find from the 1st meeting through the last that we take lots of notes, so we do not leave anything. It's our way of showing that we are engaged and focused on you, your project and that we take your words seriously. When necessary we clarify by reading our notes back to you thus no time is wasted in reaching your goals.

7. Relaxed, yet professional

We are not your average production house; each of us has dedicated a good portion of our lives honing our talents. We work in a relaxed creative environment not restricted to traditional corporate practices. 

We start with the basics. We begin by first making sure we understand what you are looking for and then assure you that we are capable, trustworthy and can solve your problem. 

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